In-House System for Promoting ESG

ESG Promotion Committee & ESG Promotion Subcommittee

The ESG Promotion Committee, which includes the President and CEO of NBFM as its final decision maker, and ESG Promotion Subcommittee under it have been established to supervise and promote initiatives on climate change as well as other environmental and social initiatives based on NBFM’s Policy for ESG Initiatives. The Promotion Subcommittee meets at least once every three months to assess ESG risks and opportunities and consults on numerical targets and specific measures to reduce CO₂ with the Committee, which meets at least once every six months and decides specific targets and measures as the final decision maker. The Promotion Subcommittee reports on the progress of the decided targets and measures to the Promotion Committee at least once a year.
  In addition, these targets and measures are shared with all officers and employees through briefings, shared folders, email, etc.

Corporate Governance and Compliance System

NBFM to which asset management services are entrusted has established a governance structure such as with its Compliance Committee, Risk Management Meeting, Investment Review Meeting and Executive Board, and endeavors to thoroughly implement risk management and compliance in its operations and improve corporate governance on an ongoing basis.

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