ESG Initiative Policy

NBFM has stipulated a basic policy for ESG initiatives. In addition, ESG initiatives are promoted by incorporating the policies and guidelines related to sustainability set by Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. the main sponsor of NBF.

Policy for ESG Initiatives

Basic Policy

   NBFM, in recognition of the importance of ESG for carrying out real estate investment and management activities, strives to achieve asset management activities considering reduction of environmental load, improving security, safety and comfort and diversified collaboration and cooperation with various stakeholders, in line with "The Group Environmental Policy" and "Policy for Social Contribution Initiatives" established by the Mitsui Fudosan Group.

1.Reduction of environmental load and initiatives for climate change issues

  • Promoting energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions
    By promoting efficient use of energy in real estate investment and management activities and introduction of energy-saving facilities etc., NBFM endeavors to reduce CO2 emissions through energy saving.
  • Preserving water environment and improving waste recycling rate
    NBFM aims to preserve the water environment by initiatives for saving water and introduction of water-saving devices. NBFM also makes an effort to promote 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) for resource saving and improving waste recycling rate.
  • Responding to climate-related issues and improving adaptability
    In addition to initiatives for contribution to climate change mitigation, NBFM identifies climate change risks and opportunities in NBF’s real estate investment and management and promotes management and reduction efforts for these to increase NBF’s and NBFM’s organizational resilience to climate change-related shifts in the global environment and socio-economic structures.

2.Collaboration and cooperation with various stakeholders

NBFM will collaborate and cooperate with officers and employees, tenants, property management companies, local communities and other stakeholders. At the same time, NBFM promotes efforts to address social demand from its stakeholders as a member of society.

  • Training of officers and employees
    NBFM recognizes that human capital is its largest asset and strives to create an employee-friendly and healthy work environment for individual officers and employees to fully exert their capabilities as well as promoting initiatives for human resource development through specialized education, training support, etc. In addition, NBFM aims to improve awareness of environmental and social considerations by training its officers and employees through continuous implementation of education and encouragement of activities relating thereto.
  • Collaboration with tenants, and initiatives for customer satisfaction improvement
    NBFM asks tenants for understanding and cooperation for environmental and social considerations in the use of the buildings and promotes green leases and other collaborative initiatives. In addition, NBFM strives to implement disaster prevention and business continuity plan measures by strengthening emergency response and normal preparedness, in office buildings, the major assets for which it manages investments. At the same time, NBFM aims to improve customer satisfaction, by enhancing the level of tenants’ comfort.
  • Cooperation with property management companies and business partners
    NBFM asks property management companies and other business partners for understanding and collaboration for the Policy and other initiatives concerning environmental and social considerations and promotes initiatives concerning environmental and social considerations in its supply chain.
  • Contribution to the local community
    As a member of the community, in order to contribute to vitalization of local communities where assets it manages are located as well as the development of the region, NBFM will conduct engagement programs with the community.

3.Initiatives for governance

  • Thorough compliance
    NBFM’s officers are to execute operation acknowledging that compliance is one of the most important agenda for the management, and proactively promote compliance as well as have officers and employees fully understand its importance.
  • Establishment of governance structure and risk management structure
    NBFM strives to improve transparency of decision making and to avoid conflict of interest as well as to manage and reduce various operational risks (including climate-related transition risks and physical risks) by establishing Management Policies, asset management guidelines and other standards and regulations that should be observed in the course of operation and developing an internal structure that enhances governance such as a Compliance Committee, Investment Review Meeting and Risk Management Meeting.
    In addition, we will strive to manage and mitigate various risks (including transition risk and physical risk related to climate change issues) in the conduct of our business.

4.Information Disclosure to Related Parties such as Investors, and Utilization of Environmental Certification and Evaluation

NBFM actively discloses the Policy and its implementation status to related parties such as investors and tenants. This disclosure conforms to international standards such as GRESB and TCFD from the perspective of transparency and comparability. Environmental certification and evaluation are also used to actualize initiatives based on this Policy.

Environmental and Social Initiatives of the Mitsui Fudosan Group

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. the main sponsor of NBF, with its statement of "bringing affluence and comfort to urban living," establishes "The Group Environmental Policy" and "Policy for Social Contribution Initiatives.

Please refer to "ESG Report 2022" for the Mitsui Fudosan Group’s social, environmental and governance initiatives.

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