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Nippon Building Fund Inc. Executive Director Koichi Nishiyama
Nippon Building Fund Management Ltd. President & CEO Daisuke Yamashita

The way corporations are engaging with environmental challenges, and improving the business environment for its employees and clients, are becoming ever more prevalent mid-to-long-term risk factors for investors to consider, in viewing how management exercise sound management practices and introduce governance systems. At the same time, it is understood that addressing these challenges serves as a gateway for new value creation and business opportunities.

In light of the ever-tightening environmental regulations in various countries in addition to changes in stakeholders’ preference for real estate with excellent environmental performance and comfort, etc., NBF recognizes that taking ESG factors into consideration within its operations is a top priority for management. It believes that facing ESG issues head-on is essential for maintaining and improving asset value in the mid-to-long-term.

Based on this recognition, NBF believes that proactive disclosure of ESG initiatives will become increasingly important, thus NBF stipulated the " Policy for ESG Initiatives " issuing the first ESG Report among J-REITs in 2017.

The purpose of this Report is to disclose extensively to our investors and other stake holders, NBF’s approach to ESG and various initiatives, and to provide clarity of its actions.

NBF will continue to aim to construct healthy relationships based on trust with all stakeholders by further enhancing ESG initiatives, simultaneously striving to increase asset value.

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