Social Initiatives

NBF is engaged in initiatives for development of local communities as well as improving security and safety.

Initiatives for local Communities

As a part of local communities, NBF holds initiatives such as lunchtime concerts, seasonal events, water sprinkling programs for cooling down and local cleanup programs.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19, events are being cancelled and non-contact events are being held in FY2020. From next year onwards, we will continue to consider holding events while taking into account the status of the Covid-19 and other factors.

Photo contest

Christmas tree

Tanabata event

Improvement of urban living-environment

NBF performed major renovations on Mandatory Housing Spaces* to improve the living-environment quality. [Kowa Nishi-Shinbashi Bldg. B]

Kowa Nishi-Shinbashi Bldg. B

Living room


  • Some municipalities require such spaces for the purpose of securing their resident population and improving living-environment.

Building management with consideration for a historical and cultural site

Toranomon Kotohira Tower was developed with consideration to protect Kotohira-Gu shrine, a regional historic property located in the area, and designed to be a mixed-use building including the shrine office.

A ceremony at the site

Toranomon Kotohira Tower

Countermeasures to disasters

Supporting Minato-ku Regional Disaster Prevention Plan, NBF provides some parts of leasable spaces of the following buildings as storehouses for emergency materials for free of charge.

Roppongi T-CUBE

Celestine Shiba Mitsui Bldg.

Shiba NBF Tower

Increase of Comfort

In NBF's capital investment decision making process, the status of the building's compliance with the Barrier-Free Law, accessibility for people with disabilities, accessibility to public transportation around the property, etc. are mandatory items to be confirmed. These items are periodically confirmed through engineering reports and other documents obtained during the consideration stage and post-investment monitoring phases, and if there are issues or room for improvement, specific measures are discussed during the operation stage.

Through these inclusive efforts, we aim to provide a building that is comfortable for all office users.

Examples of Construction to Increase Tenant Comfort
(Shinjuku Mitsui Building No. 2, 2020 / NBF Shibuya East, 2021)

Improved Convenience & Hygiene


  • Expansion of kitchenettes and installation of built-in counters for garbage bins
  • Includes expanded hot water supply room with indicators to avoid overlapping use
  • Installation of air purification equipment
  • Sanitizer Stations
  • Installation of thermometers at the entrance to common areas

Common area renovation with greenery and effective use of surplus space


  • Spaces designed with plants
  • Multipurpose rooftop space
  • Renovated entrance

Universal Design Initiatives


  • Sloped approach to entrance
  • Improvement of interior signage
  • Automation of service entrance doors
    (for wheelchair accessibility and COVID-19 safety)

Bicycle Sharing Service Added


  • Effective use of surplus bicycle storage
    Contributes to the community and adds income

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Together with its exclusive property management company NBFOM, NBF conducts building management that aims to enhance tenant satisfaction. Customer satisfaction surveys are conducted every year in order to understand the real thoughts, level of satisfaction and needs of tenants, and PDCA cycles are established to promptly reflect the challenges found in surveys and points to be improved.
A survey was not taken in FY2020 on account of the burden on tenants amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

FY 2019 CS Survey on Operation and Management Services in Office Properties

  • Survey subjects:Tenant Survey at 53 buildings (excluding master-leased and other properties)
    Office Worker Survey at 53 buildings (excluding master-leased and other properties)
  • Number of
    798 tenant companies (response rate: 88%)
    7,419 office workers (response rate: 80%)
  • Survey period:September-October 2019
  • Survey topics:Office environment and convenience; Cleaning; Crime and disaster prevention; Service
    qualities of general building operation and management; Effectiveness of CS activities
    in each properties; Tenants’ needs; etc.

Response to the Result of CS Survey: An Example

  • NBF Toyosu Canal Front:Enhancing User-friendliness of the Common Space through the Layout Change

Enhancing User-friendliness of the Common Space through the Layout Change

【NBF Toyosu Canal Front】

Collaboration with Business Partners

In order to promote initiatives of environmental and social consideration in its supply chain, NBF established “Green Procurement Manual.” In line with this manual, NBF requests newly selected and existing business partners in the supply chain (property management companies, etc.) to understand and cooperate on its initiatives of environmental and social consideration.

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