Utilization of Green Building Certification

Green building certifications are granted by third parties regarding initiatives for the reduction of environmental load of buildings, improvement of comfort of users, etc. to assure high performance.

In an aim to increase the credibility and objectivity of its efforts to reduce environmental load as well as increase the value of its buildings in the mid-to-long-term, NBF endeavors to utilize green building certifications from third parties.

Policy for Acquiring Green Building Certification and Assessment

NBF aims to acquire 100% to acquire green building certifications and Assessment for existing properties under management on an ongoing basis for the purpose of reducing the environmental risks of its portfolio and increasing asset value in the mid-to-long-term.

Summary of Green Building certified properties in NBF’s portfolio (as of December 31, 2023)

Rating Number of Certified properties Proportion of certified properties to whole portfolio (based on number of properties) Total floor area of certified properties(㎡) Proportion of certified properties to whole portfolio (based on floor area)
DBJ Green Building Certification ★★★★ 7 10.1% 287,118 15.6%
★★★ 12 17.4% 243,726 13.2%
Subtotal 19 - 530,844 -
CASBEE for Real Estate S 32 46.4% 1,102,415 59.7%
A 16 23.2% 160,760 8.7%
Subtotal 48 - 1,263,175 -
Total 67 97.1% 1,794,019 97.2%
  • Calculated based on the floor area multiplied by ownership ratio of the property or on the floor area of exclusively owned area.

DBJ Green Building Certification

“DBJ Green Building Certification” is a certification system established in April 2011 by the Development Bank of Japan Inc. to support buildings with high environmental and social awareness (a “Green Building”).

Based on its comprehensive evaluation system, which includes not only an environmental performance but also a social one (owner response to social needs of the diverse stakeholders of the properties), DBJ identifies and certifies “Green Building,” which are essential in today’s real estate market. Evaluation results are expressed in five-level ratings.

Scoring of DBJ Green Building Certification



Properties with the
best class
environment &
social awareness


Properties with
exceptionally high
environment &
social awareness


Properties with
environment &
social awareness


Properties with high
environment &
social awareness

Properties with
environment &
social awareness
Property Name DBJ Green Building Certification
NBF Osaki Bldg. ★★★★
Roppongi T-CUBE ★★★★
Gate City Ohsaki ★★★★
GranTokyo South Tower ★★★★
Osaki Bright Core - Bright Plaza ★★★★
Nakanoshima Central Tower ★★★★
NBF Toyosu Canal Front ★★★
NBF Toyosu Garden Front ★★★
Aqua Dojima NBF Tower ★★★
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Nagoya Bldg. ★★★
River City M-SQUARE ★★★
Shinbashi M-SQUARE ★★★
Higashi Gotanda Square ★★★
Hakata Gion M-SQUARE ★★★
NBF Kandasudacho Bldg. ★★★
Panasonic Tokyo Shiodome Bldg. ★★★
Sapporo L-Plaza ★★★
NBF Matsuyama Nichigin-mae Bldg. ★★★

CASBEE for Real Estate

"CASBEE (Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency)" is a system to evaluate environmental performance of buildings, operated by the CASBEE Research Committee, established in April 2001 as an industrial/academic/government cooperation project under the support of the Housing Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. The system comprehensively evaluates the quality of buildings, including but not limited to environmental considerations such as using materials and equipment which are energy saving or have a lower environmental impact, internal amenities and also giving consideration to views.
Evaluation results are expressed in four-level ratings.(S rating to B rating ).

Property Name CASBEE for Real Estate
Shinjuku Mitsui Bldg. S
Nishi-Shinjuku Mitsui Bldg. S
Nakanoshima Mitsui Bldg. S
Celestine Shiba Mitsui Bldg. S
Toyosu Bayside Cross Tower S
NBF Shinagawa Tower S
Ueno East Tower S
Shiba NBF Tower S
NBF Platinum Tower S
Toranomon Kotohira Tower S
Nakameguro GT Tower S
NBF Shibuya Garden Front S
S-ino Omiya North Wing S
Yokohama ST Bldg. S
Shinjuku Mitsui Bldg. No.2 S
Nagoya Mitsui New Bldg. S
Nagoya Mitsui Main Bldg. S
Chofu South Gate Bldg. S
Tsukuba Mitsui Bldg. S
NBF Ikebukuro East S
NBF Shibuya East S
NBF Nagoya Hirokoji Bldg. S
Sumitomo Densetsu Bldg. S
NBF Hatchobori Terrace S
NBF Kumamoto Bldg. S
Parale Mitsui Bldg. S
Jingumae M-SQUARE S
Hiroshima Fukuromachi Bldg. S
NBF Ginza Street Bldg. A
Shinanobashi Mitsui Bldg. A
Kowa Nishi-Shinbashi Bldg. B A
Yodoyabashi Flex Tower A
Yotsuya Medical Bldg. A
NBF Takanawa Bldg. A
NBF Akasaka Sanno Square A
NBF Ogawamachi Bldg. A
NBF Higashi-Ginza Square A
Nihonbashi Kabuto-cho M-SQUARE A
NBF Ikebukuro Tower A
NBF Ikebukuro City Bldg. A
Ryukakusan Bldg. A
NBF Matsudo Bldg. A
NBF Urawa Bldg. A
NBF Sapporo Minami Nijo Bldg. A
  •  For properties with both DBJ Green Building and CASBEE for Real Estate certifications, the certification with the later expiration date is listed.

Top-Level Facility Certification

The “Top-Level-Facility (Specified High Quality Commercial Facility with Measures against Global Warming)” is a scheme to proportionally mitigate the required greenhouse gas emission reduction ratio of the subject facility, in accordance with the level of measures taken against global warming, if such building is approved by the Tokyo Governor as meeting “certain standards set forth by the Governor” as an “office building promoting an excellent level of measures against global warming (Specified High Quality Commercial Facility with Measures against Global Warming).”

Property Name Certified Level
GranTokyo South Tower Top-Level Facility
Shinjuku Mitsui Bldg. Near-Top-Level Facility
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